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Cofo delivers the world’s most comprehensive range of Heavy-duty conveyor belts. Base on more than 30 years of experience…

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BWZ Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

BWZ series heavy duty apron feeder designed by Cofo is one new type high-efficiency conveying equipments. It absorbs Cofo…

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Comparing with other kinds of crushers, CS Series spring cone crusher is quite excellent in hard material crushing and the…

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With the development of mining industry, investors present various requirements of the features of flotation machine. Now…

Nickel Chrome Plating | Nickel Electroplating | Decorative ...

Nickel Chrome Plating Nickel Electroplating and Nickel Chrome Plating. Bright nickel chrome is what you see, not necessarily what you get. Depending on your application requirements, the layers of metal plating underneath the bright nickel chrome can include a copper strike, nickel strike, semi-bright nickel, high sulfur nickel, a layer of bright nickel, micro-porous nickel, and a final ...

Electroless Nickel Plating (MIL-C-26047, ASTM B733, AMS ...

U.S. Chrome offers "Mid-Phos" (5% to 8%P) and "High-Phos" (10% to 12%) electroless nickel plating services. Electroless nickel can be heat treated at relatively low temperatures (400° to 450°C) to achieve higher hardness (up to 1000 HVN); however, corrosion resistance is reduced. For many applications electroless nickel plating is ...

Hard Chrome Alteratnives & Electroless Plating | MIL-C ...

The pursuit of viable hard chrome alternative plating & electroless plating processes has been in the forefront of forward thinking companies in recent years. Reducing or eliminating the use of health and environmentally hazardous materials in the manufacturing of products is in the best interests of all… including U.S. Chrome.

Firearm Plating -Mahovsky's Metalife

Mahovsky's Metalife offers Matte Electroless Nickel plating which has an alloy of 10-12% phosphorus in the nickel. Our high phosphorous electroless nickel coating outperforms other electroless nickel deposits with 9% or less phosphorus by 4 to 1.

Electroless Nickel Plating | Electroplating | Techmetals, Inc.

To clarify, E-Krome is a uniform electroless process, 60-65 Rockwell as plated. We think of it as electroless chrome. It has the color, hardness and low coefficient of friction similar to chrome. Also, E-Krome has the ability to cover uniformly over complex geometries without the use of electricity, thieves, robbers or shields.

USC Technologies | Over 70 Years of Electroplating Innovation

Replacing hard chrome, electroless nickel, and thermal sprayed coatings for major industrial companies. Qualified and in production for hydraulic actuating cylinders of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. Oil & Gas, agriculture, marine shafts, automotive shock damper rods, and military vehicle suspension systems.

Chrome Coating Hardness Value - Electroless Nickel Plating ...

Industrial hard chrome can be deposited in a rather broad range of hardness depending upon plating bath parameters. Average hardness is in the range of 66 to 70 Rockwell C scale. A deposit of over 0.001-inch thick is essential before chromium will assume its true hardness characteristics when used over unhardened basis metals.

Chrome vs. Electroless Nickel Plating Comparisons

Chrome electroplating vs. electroless nickel in mirror finishes 2003. Q. I'm Wondering if anyone can help me here, I'm new to this field, and I'm trying find an alternative to chrome electroplating over electroless copper on ABS, to try to produce and IR mirror.

Electroless Nickel Plating - Duro-Chrome

Electroless Nickel is a ideal choice when there is concern about corrosion. Compared to hard chrome it has a medium hardness characteristic. It provides coverage and an even coating. Electroless Nickel produces a uniform deposit on the most complex shapes such as inside square corners and/or deep narrow ribs or small complex designs.

Electroless Nickel Plating - Hi-Tec Plating, Inc.

The electroless nickel cobalt alloy deposit is highly corrosion resistant with the added benefit of exceptional wear and abrasion resistant properties. Hi-Tec Plating Electroless Nickel Cobalt is a precision plating process that can be used on close tolerance components for wear, corrosion, and anti-galling applications.

Electroless nickel plating - Wikipedia

Electroless nickel (EN) plating is an auto-catalytic reaction that deposits an even layer of nickel-phosphorus or nickel-boron alloy on the surface of a solid material, or substrate, like metal or plastic.

Electroless nickel - Wikipedia

Unlike electroplated nickel, electroless nickel deposits do not have a precise melting point but rather have a melting range. Pure nickel has a melting point of 1455 °C (2650 °F), however EN is an alloy and as the phosphorus content is increased within the film, the deposit begins to soften at lower temperatures and continues to soften until ...

Classic Plating, Inc. - Redford, MI

turnaround on electroless nickel and tin plating services, rush service is also available. Our full line of services includes electroless nickel, electroless nickel PTFE co-deposit, bright nickel electroplating, bright acid tin electroplating, satin tri-chrome electroplating and cabinet blasting with various media.

Hard Chrome or Electroless Nickel? | Products Finishing

May 01, 2007· A: The short and simple answer to your question is that electroless nickel cannot be substituted for hard chrome plating in every situation.Each situation has to be considered on its own merits. To start with, electroless nickel is an alloy that has different characteristics than those of hard chrome.

Electroless Nickel Plating | Hard Chrome Specialists

Electroless nickel plating is the ideal plating solution for parts that are irregularly shaped, but still require high quality corrosion and wear resistance. Our team is ready to discuss your unique plating project and provide a hassle-free quote today!

Electroless Nickel – Hardchrome Engineering

Electroless Nickel plating is a non-electrolytic, auto-calaytic, immersion chemical plating method of depositing a Nickel Phosphorous alloy for engineering applications, deposits from 5—75 micron thickness can be applied to most metallic substrate materials, for a wide range of applications.

Chrome Plating -

Nickel Plating Replacement for Hard Chrome. Chrome plating has long been a familiar fixture in electroplating thanks to its bright, high-shine finish, corrosion resistance and hardness, with applications ranging from automotive and aerospace to oil & gas and even decorative purposes.

Electroless Nickel Plating Service | Sharretts Plating

Electroless Plating Options. Sharretts Plating Company offers a variety of electroless nickel plating services. For corrosion protection, we recommend a nickel-phosphorus alloy, which provides low to high phosphorus treatments depending on the nature of your components and their intended purpose.

Comparison Between Hard Chrome and Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating offers a glossier appearance than electrolytic plating, and unlike more conventional nickel, electroless plating's yellowish hue fades over time. What to Consider and How to Choose . When it comes time to choose between hard chrome plating and electroless nickel plating, you might be faced with a difficult decision.

Electroless Chrome and Nickel Plating Sales, Equipment ...

Electroless nickel and electroless chrome can plate directly onto steel, copper, brass, iron, aluminum and stainless steel without the use of electricity, as is the case with regular electroplating. Our regular EN (EN-BM), EN-BH, and EC solution s have to be heated to 180-195 degrees F …

Industrial Hard Chrome, Electroless Nickel & Sulfamate ...

Hydro-Platers high phosphorus Electroless Nickel which is a auto catalytic plating process used to deposit a layer of nickel and phosphorus both in a mid phosphorus and high phosphorus Electroless nickel Plating bath. Electroless Nickel is used on various types of base material with a very uniform deposit to protect against wear and corrosion.

Electroless Nickel Plating - Advanced Plating Technologies

Electroless Nickel Plating – An Overview Electroless nickel plating is offered by Advanced Plating Technologies in both Type IV medium phosphorous (6-9% P) and Type V high phosphorous (10-14%). The electroless nickel phosphorous content affects the properties of the deposit significantly including hardness, corrosion resistance and magnetism. . Below is a brief overview of the electroless ...

Electroless Nickel Plating - What is Electroless Nickel ...

The process of adding an electroless nickel plating to a metal surface is an autocatalytic chemical reduction. This means that instead of using an outside source of electricity like in the similar electroplating process, the electroless nickel plating process uses a chemical bath to deposit a nickel / phosphorous layer onto the metallic surface.

Firearms Finishes - Traditional and Black Electroless Nickel

Tight Tolerances and Coverage Within Tubulars: Since Tacti-black® electroless nickel is an "electroless" deposit, it is free from the nonuniformity common in electrolytic plating processes. Tacti-black® electroless nickel plating can be applied to tubular products and will achieve full deposit thickness within the ID of the tubular.

Industrial Plating Specialists - Erie Hard Chrome

Erie Hard Chrome is an industrial plating company who specializes in hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating and the polishing of molds, tools, and dies. We have one of the largest, most efficient industrial plating facilities in the Eastern United States and serve a variety of industries, providing industrial plating services for an ...

Electroless Nickel Plating - Chem Processing Inc.

Can electroless nickel be substituted for hard chrome? Possibly, depending on the application. The hardness of thermally treated, high phosphorous electroless nickel plating approaches that of hard chrome. The lubricity of electroless nickel is not as high, but this is where electroless nickel Teflon can serve as substitute.

Electroless Nickel Plating - Arlington Plating Company

Arlington Plating's -100 electroless nickel plating technology can be used on a wide range of applications, including in automotive and industrial industries. Electroless nickel plating is a process that deposits an alloy of 90% nickel and 10% phosphorus on a wide range of metals.

About Company | ChromeTech

ChromeTech of Wisconsin is an ISO certified industrial plating company that has been serving clients throughout North America since 1984. We are proud to provide service to a wide variety of industries, specializing in the areas of hard chrome plating, sulfamate nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, and nickel-chrome plating.

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